Updates since: 01/01/2012

ACC P       Date: 04/19/2013       Version: 4.10
1) Supplier info screen: new field for the name of regular transportation company or name of the driver used by the supplier for delivering goods

2) Accounts Payable Report: color of page number in a less luminescent red color

ACC P       Date: 11/05/2012       Version: 4.00
1) New program: graphical representation from bills -- paid/to be paid-- during select period, day by day. Result may be printed

ACC P       Date: 09/23/2012       Version: 3.90
1) New report: Summary about bills in selected period.


Updates since: 01/01/2012

INVEN       Date: 10/22/2012       Version: 6.21
1) Report "List Price": layout alignment for better reading

INVEN       Date: 10/13/2012       Version: 6.20
1) New report: products with negative quantities

2) Main screen (menu): highlight the color of the button which has the mouse over